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"Please allow I to 'Introduce' myself to you, something I hate to do but must do until I get 'Representation'. Please forgive I if I offend anyone in anyway via my presentation of my life's Purpose & Destiny. My Intentions are completely Good, Pure & Sanction by the Creator/Creation/Light. I ask your 'Permission to spend the rest of my life to carry this torch that burns the mightiest flames & waves of 'Love, Truth & Enlightenment”.

"I Give You My Heart & Love. I Receive All Hearts & Love".

"I bring you a mighty 'Gift' from the highest planes of consciousness. This simple mystical 'Gift' will prove to be one of the most practical & effective ways to keep families 'Open, Honest & Strong' via the elimination of secrets, lies, abuses & dishonesty in the family. Simply amazing. It's TBHIB ? This Mystic God-sent 'Gift' will eventually be in as many homes globally as religious and political books are. Worry not. You too will agree".

"I was born a discipline child & raised as a Mystic/ a 'Seer' with a Mission of Global Human-being Unification & Over-standing of our Highest Purposes & Selves".

"I am one of the 'Chosen & Favored by The Creator/Creation with the gifts of Supreme Enlightenment & Truths via decades of Celibacy, Mystic Dreams, Mystical Experiences, Rituals and Chants".

"The only things I love to be & do daily are to create and write things for the sole purpose of 'Enriching lives globally' via Peace, Food, Water, Cloths, Shelter & Education for all".

"I have so much Universal Love, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Truths & Over-standing gifted to I by the Creator/Creation? The Light to Share globally. I am also divinely gifted with the Plans & the Clarity to share/accomplish them. It takes You & I though, ‘The Global Village’, to walk & share them". No one man or one woman is an island. No one country is the ‘Answer’. No one race is Humanity. Are you?"

"Thank God for the positive aspects of religions, beliefs, philosophy & politics".

"Everything that is alive grows/advances and changes such as with the applications of Technology, Scientific Information, Global Climates and etc. And so shall all practices such as economies, cultures Religion & Politics".

"Be Clear. I Claim no Religion nor Politics. I respect the 'positives' from them. I do not 'believe' in a God/Creator/Creation. I know there is a God/Creator/Creation as much as I know that

You are and I am".

My Religion/Politics is very simple.


0.0 It is ’The ’Religion/Politics of: Education, Love, Peace, Happiness, Food, Water, Cloths & Shelter for each Human-being globally'.  

 0.1 It is 'Glorifying God/the Creator/Creation via talking & walking in Love & Peace'.

0.2 It is 'The Arts of knowing Oneself Mentally, Physically, Spiritually & Economically’.

0.3 It is ‘The Daily & Continuous Mind-set and Exercising of Smiles, Positivity, Giving & Sharing’.

0.4 It is 'The Honoring, Loving, Respecting & Supporting of your Family, Friends & Neighbors Positive Endeavors’.

5. It is 'The Mastering of The Art of Accepting & Respecting all Human-being 'first and foremost above all other labels' such as male or female, race or type, origin of birth or culture, religion or politics, orientation or prejudice and etc.’

6. It is ‘The Tiding & Volunteering to legitimate organizations/groups whose purposes are for global peace, food, water, cloth, shelter, education and or the betterment of all’. 

“The Regularly private I, When I'm alone".

0.0 Swim

0.1 Walking on Mountains

0.2 Walking on Beaches

0.3 Chanting & Dancing on Mountains & Beaches

0.4 Gazing at the Skies at Nights

0.5 Observing Animals & Birds

0.6. Creating & Writing

0.7 Observing the wickedness of human-being to each other’s in the names of 

'Politics, Religions & Greed and then I cry my eyes out with compassion & my (our) determination to make a global difference".

"I only have one 'Knowing & Mission/Religion': The Global Garden of cSowkao:

cSowkao = The, continuous Seekers of Wisdom, Knowledge & Over-standing. Is this your vibration/energy/chi? Then you too are a c-Sow-ka-o and as such you are welcome to the Garden of cSowkao in which you are one of the many flowers/roses so that you may continue the watering, the nurturing & the growing of your many selves.

The Global Mission/Religion of cSowkao

Who are cSowkao ?


"Who are cSowkao? All Human-being irrespective of geographical location, race, religion, belief, type, color, economic status, orientation & or etc.; who dream of a world in which each person must first be seen & treated first and foremost as a human-being as appose to a race, a type, a religion or his/her country of origin and as such each human-being should be guaranteed  the rights to have access to food, cloth, water, shelter and education, irrespective of where they are at, country of origin, sex, religion, politics, education, orientation or economic status".

cSowkao are all the human-being who are for 'One Love. One Heart. One Aim. One Destiny towards Peace, Love, Happiness, Food, Water, Cloth, Shelter & Educations for each Human-being.

 Education/Skills: 1. UWI (Extra-mural Studies): Advance Accounting, Pure & Applied Mathematics, And Advance Algebra

2. Mac Bars' Workshops: The Art of Web Designing 

My Hobbies: Martial Arts, Tennis, Swimming, Walking on The Beach or in The Mountains, Writing Screenplays, Self-Help & Enlightenment Books, Creating Websites & Things and also Motivating People

3. USA (University of Sound Arts): Video, Audio & Film Engineering, Advance Acting, Directing, Editing & Cinematography 

Unpublished Divinity Chi Plates & etc. Theories by Sun Prince (restricted)

Sun Prince was the first person to state The 'Theory of 'no wrong or right. Which was later proven mathematically by renowned mathematicians

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"I beg of each of you to leave your suggestions. I need your encouragement to keep us

Good & Pure”.

"We (you & I) need Human-being to help with this Journey: Administration, Social media, Bloggers, Funding, Donation, Legal matters and etc".

"Know this. cSowkao will always be live, transparent & open via its websites; 24/7”.

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